Justin Bieber Or Greyson Chance



Greyson Chance or Justin Bieber ?
First guy that i like is Justin Bieber but now i almost like Greyson Chance !
For me , both of him have a good talent !
Both of him also very handsome , that why all their enthusiastic admier more than 
girl better boy ! Greyson Chance is 14years old and Justin Bieber 17years old !
I actually very jealous when Justin wif his Girlfriend , Salena Gomez !
If i meet Justin and Greyson , i want to hug them you know !
Sometimes i crazy about them !
I shouted their name , and buy their poster and book !
I wishh one day i can meet Greyson Chance And Justin Bieber ! <3

Paparazzi By Greyson Chance

Never Say Never By Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith

Boyfriend By Justin Bieber
Video ny aku suka tengok bnyak kalie !
Sebab Dia handsome sangat mase video ny .